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Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer

When you or someone you love receives a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, it can feel a bit like you’ve arrived in a foreign land.

The decisions you make are potentially life-changing and people all around you are speaking in terms you don’t understand. “It’s natural for patients and loved ones to begin reading everything they can about pancreatic cancer, and that’s a good practice,” Dr. Allyson Ocean, medical oncologist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. “But often when they begin reading medical journals or talking to members of their health care team, they get lost fixating on terms they don’t know.”

One way to get a leg up on your new world? Learn the language. …

Let’s Win! Pancreatic Cancer

A platform that enables doctors, scientists, and patients to share fast-breaking info on potentially life-saving pancreatic cancer treatments & clinical trials.

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